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March Manifestation!

Join me for “March Manifestation”!


March is an odd month.  Not exactly winter, but definitely not spring.  A little taste of everything….. snow, rain, clouds, sun, cold and warm.  We venture out some days but are then pushed back into retreat on others.  A transition. 

March is like a doorway.  The frozen tundra of February behind us, and the promise of the light of April ahead.  A month where we begin to plant the seeds for what we want to bloom as the sun rises higher in the sky. 

So what is it that you want to grow in your life?  Join me for “March Manifestation” and let’s take this journey of transformation together!


March Manifestation

Dates:                   Entire month of March
Cost:                      $15
Frequency:         Every Single Day
Time:                   Minimum of 15 minutes (everyone has 15 minutes…everyone)
Where:                In your home
How:                    Daily emails with meditation techniques, activities and manifestation tools
Who:                    Anyone!  Forming our own community to share questions, ideas and discoveries
End Vision:         Bringing what you desire toward you….creating your life

Often it can feel that life is happening to us.  This month is designed to shift us from merely observers to creators.  We will spend time seeing where we are, uncovering what it is that we want and then partnering with the Universe to move toward it.  No experience needed!

During this month of March I will help you design 15 minutes a day spent solely on the inner work required to create.  Create what?  ……whatever it is that you desire.

So take the leap and join in!   Why not!  All I need is an email and you will be put on my meditation email DL with a lot more info to follow!

It takes a month to make something a habit,

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