Fall is the time of the harvest.  Gathering  and enjoying the fruits of all we created in the summer, and preparing for the rest period of winter.  

Fall is the element of air.  The energy of the heart......a deep sense of trust that everything is ok.  Knowing that all of the projects we started will continue to grow and unfold.  Holding onto our visions but letting go of the reins.  

Nourishment - We begin to move back toward heated warming foods as the Fall season of air can be ungrounding.  Keep fall allergies at bay by drinking your Stinging Nettle infusions and using your neti pot daily.  

Movement - This is a good time for heart opening asanas such as Sphynx, Cobra, Danurasana and bridge.  Adding some yin postures into your practice as the days begin to shorten.


  • Time to dry some herbs for use in the winter. Take clippings, put a rubber band around the stems and hang upside down using a bent paper clip from a ledge or nail.  Mints, mugwort, lemon balm, rosemary, sage........
  • Harvest the stinging nettle to dry for infusions
  • Divide and transplant your plants that have multiplied (or offer them to friends and neighbors) - Black eyed Susan, Feverfew
  • Make your Goldenrod infused oil
  • Prepare herbed salts - chop fresh herbs (any combination of rosemary, sage, garlic, thyme) together with coarse sea salt until it is well blended and the consistency you desire.  Lay out in a single layer on a cookie sheet to dry for a few days - stirring occasionally.
herbed salt.jpg


  • Be sure to save some of your gourds and store them in a dry place over the winter;  Break them open and place them in the garden in May.


  • Time to begin making your own stock to prepare for winter soups and stews!
  • Plant your garlic
  • Begin adding Astragulus to your infusions to build your immunity for the colder months
  • Decorate the house with pinecones