In Spring we begin to shed our layers!  Gently awakening from our winter slumber and looking outward.  What is it that I want?  Planting the seeds of life.

Nourishment - Spring is when we begin to move our system.  A shift to slightly lighter foods.  Cooked greens - spinach, kale and chard.  Less dairy and red meat.  More fluids.  Make sure you are drinking your infusions!  Especially stinging nettle as she will keep allergies at bay.

Many of the wild weeds are growing right around you, ready to be added to your dishes!  Chickweed and spring onion.  And of course, young tender dandelion leaves and flowers.  Wild violet flowers are a great addition to any salad.  

Self Care - Spring allergies can be kept at bay by drinking Stinging Nettle infusions, eating a teaspoon of bee pollen daily and regular use of your neti pot

Movement - Spring is the season we get moving!  Adding in walks, runs, extra yoga classes!  The water element is activated by dancing.   

The Moon - She is the goddess energy.  Ruling the tides, the ebb and flow, our cycles.  We should know where she is in the sky all month.  Her waxing and waning.  Celebrating in the full moon and dropping within to connect on the new moon.  

The Garden - April and May are time for planting!  Mother's Day is often viewed as the date when tender young plants can be moved outside into the garden.  Adding compost to the soil and raking the yard.  During this time the birds are building their nests so be sure to have food and water available.  Don't forget to place last years gourds in the garden to reseed!

As you plan your summer garden, be sure to include plants that attract bees and butterflies.  Some wonderful ones are Comfrey, Anise Hyssop, Butterfly weed, Sunflowers, Zinnias and Passionflower.  Weave in some of the plants with healing qualities that speak to your individual needs.  

And as you have empty spice jars or canning jars, keep them on hand as you will need them come spring and fall for making your plant medicines!