In Svadisthana we begin to introduce some movement.  Governed by the moon we float effortlessly through life flowing with our natural cycles………our tides.  The feminine energy of the goddess.

Imagine lying back on a raft in a lazy river.  Letting go to the water beneath, moving past any obstacles with ease.  Riding the current of the breath.

In the sacral chakra located deep within the pelvis we dive into the watery realm of the subconscious.  Our deepest longings and desires.  What is it that I want?

The energy of Svadisthana awakens feelings.  Emotions.  Our aliveness.  Here we begin to form our likes and dislikes.  Our seat of our creativity.  Abundance.  Our sensuality.   ‘One’s sweet abode.’   When it is open we are intimate with life.    Mmmmmmm………………………

Physical Aspects of Svadisthana:

  • Our hips and pelvis
  • The joints
  • Our moisture
  • The kidneys and urinary system
  • Organ of action is the tongue

Svadisthana Energetics:

The Svadisthana energy center is located   When our water energy is balanced we feel joy and are passionate for life.  We experience all that life has to offer through our feelings and sensations.

  • The energy flow is side to side
  • The desire to create
  • The energy of an orgasm

Actions/Asanas to balance Svadisthana:

  • Spending time near water
  • Taking baths
  • Spending time nude
  • Dancing, drawing, writing, journaling
  • Keeping a connection with the moon and always knowing what phase she is in;  celebrating the full and new moons
  • Drinking Oatstraw infusions to increase moisture ‘down there’
  • Hip opening asansas such as lunges, frog, squat, Goddess pose, Baddha Konasana and half pigeon
  • Swaying the hips
  • Awareness to the pelvic floor

Svadisthana in the Manifestation Process:

  • With Earth we became so still and quiet that we could notice exactly how things are.  Now with the energy of water we begin to uncover what is working and what no longer serves us. 
  • We sink deep and uncover here – What is it that I want?
  • Not what do I wish for, but what do I long for.  What will fulfill me?  What do I want enough that I am willing to make change to bring it into manifestation?
  • What creative talents lie within that aren’t being allowed to express themselves?  What do I want to create in my life.

Bija Mantra:          Vam
Color:                    Orange
Shape:                  Circle or Crescent
Sense:                  Taste