And here she is………Ms Linden Flower!

  Linden Flower (Tilia)

  Linden Flower (Tilia)


Gentle. Delightful. Fragrant. Delicious. Just some of the words used to describe my friend Linden Flower.

The flowers of the Linden tree perfume the air in early summer.  Eule Gibbons used to say that you could find a linden tree by listening, as the flowers are so sweet the honey bees line up in queues, buzzing loudly waiting to get to the flowers.

Think of your favorite childhood teddy bear.  Or that favorite blanket or sweater that you put on when you need some comforting.  This is Linden……

Here are some of her main healing qualities:

·       Sipped before bedtime, she relaxes the body and eases the mind of the stresses from the day

·       Linden is a wonderful ally for those struggling with insomnia

·       She helps relieve muscle tension, anxiety and depression

·       Linden can soothe digestive issues that originate from emotional upset

·       Linden is an anti-inflammatory

·       As an antispasmodic, her tea can help release spasms and cramps that contribute to headaches or tight muscles

·       Eases menstrual cramps

·       Containing mucilage, linden soothes the throat and calms a cough during illness (read about ‘second brewing’ below)

·       Linden also holds helpful circulatory properties having the ability to both ‘gladden the heart’ and aid with conditions such as angina or heart palpitations with long term use

·       She helps to calm and cool during our colds or flus, reducing fevers and relaxing the body so it can work on healing.

·       Linden is so gentle that is a safe herb to share with children and has been used this way for centuries

·       She will help reduce excessive heat in children which often shows itself as hyperactivity or as a fever – a sipped cup of her tea or mixed in the bath will help settle everything down

·       Linden acts as a close friend during times of grief or heartache

Linden opens the emotional and spiritual heart even as it improves cardiovascular circulation… linden has a divinely inspired way of opening you to the bliss of your true multidimensional nature – the larger reality we’re all part of.
                        – Robin Rose Bennett, The Gift Of Healing Herbs

Brewing Linden Flowers:

Place ½ oz of dried linden blossoms in a quart jar and fill with boiling water. Tighten the lid and allow it to seep for 4-10 hours and then strain. Drink or refrigerate.

For a second brew – place the used herb in a pan with two cups of cold water and bring it up to a boil. Cover and take down to a simmer and allow it to brew for at least two hours. This second brew will be much more slippery, which is the mucilage that has been drawn out, and will soothe the throat and act as an anti-inflammatory in the body.   

You can enjoy linden cold in the summer, or heat her up, add a little honey and sip her while wrapped in your favorite blanket!

Thank you Linden!