How would I make a nourishing herbal infusion? 

  • Put 1 ounce of the dried herb in a glass quart canning jar (for Linden Flower only use 1/2 oz).

  • Pour boiling water into the jar to cover the herb and fill it up to the very top.

  • Screw on the lid and let sit for between 4 and 10 hours.

  • Then strain out the herb – I pour the whole jar, herb and all, into a mesh reusable produce bag, over a bowl or sauce pan. Then squeeze out all of the remaining liquid from the herb that's in the bag.

  • Pour all of the liquid back into the canning jar and refrigerate.

  • Drink within 2 to 2 ½ days.

  • The herb should then be thrown in your yard or garden to finish it's life cycle!