STOP everything you are doing.  Look down at your feet to see where you are.   Feel the air on your skin.  Hear the sounds around you.  Observe your breath.   Arrive here……………..

To me, earth is like home base.  Where we begin and where we end.  A place we pause to regroup.  When we are in earth’s energy we feel safe and supported. 

Muladhara relates to our early childhood.  The time in life where we are forming our sense of safety.  Are my basic needs met – food, clothing, shelter, touch, security, love.  Our survival instinct. 

Rock Circle

Physical Aspects of Muladhara:

  • The energy center is located at the tailbone
  • Involves our feet, legs and spine
  • Our bones – the physical body
  • Spreading the toes and fingers as we plant the hands and feet on the mat
  • Drawing Mula Bandha upward as we move through the asana practice
  • Organ of action is the nose

Muladhara Energetics:
Muladhara is the energy center located right in front of the tailbone.  The root chakra.  The energy of gravity – downward pulling. 

It’s qualities are…..

  • Grounded          
  • Centered
  • Slow moving
  • Heavy
  • Relaxed

So slow moving in fact that it can appear still.  Like a rock.  A tree.  The dirt beneath your feet.  Everything that you can see and touch.  Matter.  All are earth. 

Actions/Asana to balance Muladhara:

  • Going barefoot – A lot!
  • Lying or sitting on the floor or ground;  Lie on the floor when you read or talk on the phone.  Sit with a friend out on a log or a rock
  • Spending time in nature – particularly in the woods or mountains
  • Standing Poses;  Rooting into the mat with your feet, hands and sit bones; Forward folds
  • Massaging your feet
  • Holdinga rock in your hand as you meditate
  • Learning to engage Mula Bandha
  • Drinking stinging nettle and comfrey herbal infusions
  • Landing in stillness and noticing this moment
  • Exhaling, exhaling, exhaling

Muladhara in the Manifestation Process:

  • Becoming still and quiet enough to begin to notice
  • Seeing where you are – physically, emotionally, mentally, in your life
  • Seeing everything as it is right now, without judgment
  • Accepting this moment exactly as it is
  • You can’t change this moment as it is the outcome of everything you have done up to this point

Biija mantra:  Lam
Color:             Red
Shape:           Square
Sense:            Smell