Benefits of Bergamot Essential Oil


  • Bergamot oil can be used in a blended massage oil, or diluted in a bath to assist with stress, tension, SAD, PMS, skin problems, compulsive eating, colds and flu, anxiety, depression, or feeling fed-up
  • When you are looking for an oil to help with depression, SAD (Seasonal Affected Disorder) or generally feeling just a bit off, lacking in self-confidence or feeling shy, then consider bergamot oil.
  •  It also has superb antiseptic qualities that are useful for skin complaints, such as acne, oily skin conditions, eczema and psoriasis.
  • It can also be used on cold sores, chicken pox and wounds.
  • It has a powerful effect on stimulating the liver, stomach and spleen and has a superb antiseptic effect on urinary tract infections and inflammations such as cystitis.
  • Works as an insect repellent and an aide for mosquito bites.
  •  Inhaling Bergamot oil reduces stress and promotes relaxation

How to use:

A few drops of Bergamot mixed with a teaspoon of olive, almond or sesame oil can be massaged onto parts of the body.  Bergamot can also be inhaled either straight from the bottle , a drop on the hand, a drop on a cotton ball, or used in a diffuser.  It can be used ‘neat’ (direct) on bites and cold sores.   Finally, a few drops of Bergamot can be placed in your bath for a relaxing, stress relieving soak.

Note:   Bergamot is a citrus so should not be put on the skin directly before going in the sun