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Yin Yoga Workshop

Yin is blooming at
Serenity Circle Yoga!

I am loving the Yin!  Incorporating a couple of poses into the beginning of each class ...... Sitting in the postures on the floor as I eat, read and write. Yet another new unexplored 'yoga' world has unveiled itself to me. 

I plan to hold two hour Yin workshops every couple of months.  The next one scheduled is below!

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Yin Yoga Workshop

Saturday - 6/16
9am to 11am

Yin Yoga is the perfect complement to our busy lives. Spring is a Yang season and with all of the activities, events and movement we can often become drained. In the Yin practice we pause to 'hang out' in some simple poses to find our center and moisturize our creaky joints.

We move slow.  We move mindfully.
Any-body can do Yin!

I am still..........

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to Feb 25

Serenity Circle 300 Hour Yoga & Ayurveda Lifestyle Counselor Training

Inner Domain Teacher Training - Neva Ingalls

Yoga & Ayurveda Lifestyle Counselor, 300Hr
Legacy of Light

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Live an Inspired Life!

Come on this journey into you.  Through the deeper teachings of Yoga and Ayurveda, be reawakened to the beauty that sits within each moment.  Live in connection to the Source within you and around you. Breathe love and enjoy direct perception of the consciousness of all living beings.

 This in depth training channels the Wisdom Knowledge of the Vedas and the Light from the Source that exists within us, into techniques and lifestyle regimens which enable Self Actualization and the ability to effectively help  others and the world, as one Unified creation. It builds upon the  knowledge of Ayurveda and Tantra with the underlying great river of Classical Yoga. 

For teachers, healers, sacred rebels and students wishing to deepen their practice!

Participants will learn to:

  • Access inner Light and guidance.
  • Speak, teach and heal from a place of authenticity and power based on centered wisdom
  • Live an inspired life of truth, peace, health, happiness and service.
  • Gain a tool bag of methods to aid in facilitating transformation in others, including:
    • Yoga Chikitsa, specified for various conditions, mental, emotional and physical and tailored to constitution, age, culture, religion and environment.
    • Jnana Yoga
    • Karma Yoga
    • Raja Yoga
    • Tantra Yoga
  • Heal through the Shakti energy of the elements, chakras and senses.
    • Earth, Smell, aromatherapy.
    • Water, Taste, New earth nutritional therapy, yoga of herbs and spices, tinctures, infusions, cooking skills.
    • Fire, Vision, action and transformation, color therapy, use of dristi, visualization meditation, cleansing therapies, kriya yoga.
    • Air, touch, marma therapy, reiki, JSJ, adjustments, pranayama.
    • Ether, sound. Mantra, prayer, will power, the voice of the teacher, guide, connecting heart and mind.
    • Light, meditation, direct perception
  • Heal the three bodies through Tantric dance of the Goddess
  • Skills in intuiting the inner heart and mind of clients and how inspire and guide them to the next level of their development.
  • Connect to the Source of healing.

Expand your definition of yoga teacher into a Yoga and Ayurvedic lifestyle counselor. This will include knowledge of New Earth nutritional therapy, therapeutic touch, aromatherapy, yoga of herbs and spices, sound therapy, tantric dance, meditation and and Yoga Therapy. Skills will be learned to expand the scope of private and group practices, bringing effective life regimens to help  colleagues, friends, families, clients and students experience their highest potential of peace and prosperity. 

Take your Personal Practice to a deeper and more masterful level and empower yourself to be a facilitator of healing for others! 

Investment:  $3950 ($3500 early bird rate by 1/20);  $375 for individual weekend module

* Requirements: 200 Hour RYT with Yoga Alliance is required to receive a 300/500 level registration (RYT500) w through Yoga Alliance. See www.yogaalliance.org.

Healer and Wellness practitioners of equal or higher training, such as nurses, massage therapists, and counselors are welcome. Personal interview required for those that are not regular students of Neva or 200 RYT.

Training  Dates

Spring/ Kapha     Feb 24-25, April 28-29, May 19-20, 2018
Origins of Yoga
Sam Kalpa.
Tantra Yoga and Kali, the energy of beginnings and the kundalini fire that awakens from the root chakra.
Principals of Ayurveda.
Discover your Dosha.
VInyasa for Kapha
Tapas and the kriya for Kapha Dosha
The doshas, elements and science of tastes.
The chakras of Kapha and their blockages, archetypes.
Sense organs and aromatherapy for Kapha dosha.
Yoga of herbs, emphasizing cleansing herbs and spice for spring and kapha.
Cooking class for Kapha

Summer/ Pitta      June 30/July 1, Aug 4-5, Sept 29-30, 2018
Soma Yoga.
Ayurveda and the digestive fire. The Disease process.
Cleansing therapies.
Tantra and the Dance of connecting, releasing and beginning anew.
Movement awareness principles/less is more.
Injuries in Yoga and the role of the Gunas
Yoga to awaken Buddhi, mantra, meditation, inversions
Chakras and the endocrine systems.
Issues in the tissues, muscle memory and creating new patterns of awareness.
Yoga as a preventative–more than a fitness practice
Restorative yoga using bolsters, straps and blocks
Look at diet and the effects of food on consciousness; the process of cooking using ayurvedic herbs and spices; and the compatible combination of foodstuff to create mind body balance.
Cooking class for Pitta

Fall/Winter/ Vata         Oct 27-28, 2018,  Jan 26-27, Mar 30-31, 2019
Creating a Sattvic mind and body.
Preventing  and practicing with Osteoporosis,
How to teach and practice silent meditation, mantra meditation, japa and kirtan; the power of sound in asanas, using vibration as a way of healing and focusing; meaning of mantras and seed vibrations
Marma, Nadi and Charka series
The limbs of Bhakti Yoga
The Power of sacred sound
Learn the inner meaning behind the names of posture.
Advanced breath work (pranayama)–looking at threshold and seeing how to increase it by studying retention and suspension of breath
Yoga Nidra
Yoga for healthy neck, expression, voice of the teacher. Communications skills.
Cooking class for Vata

Become a Vedic Counselor    May 18-19, June 29-30, July 21-22, 2019
The art of Spiritual Counseling
Understanding Self, Nature and the Science of Vedanta
Living according to your Dharma
The Four Great Goals of Life
Developing Connection to Inner Light and Guidance
Managing Prana and Vital energy
Shiva and Shakti
Necessary Qualities of a good counselor
Vedic counseling and mantra
Ayurvedic psychology, Gunas and Doshas
Yoga Counseling and the 8 paths
Vedic Ecology: Harmonization with the Universe

Putting it all Together, individual projects and demos Sept 22-23, 2019

Guest Teachers include:
Lisa Johnson, Ayurvedic Lifestyle Counselor and ERYT500 (Ayurveda and awareness based anatomy)
Sarah Cahill RYT500, Earth Medicine, Nature Goddess, Meditation Guide, Inspired Guide
Jeneen Piccuirrio, Tantric Yoga Dance and Sound Healing



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to Feb 26

Serenity Circle Teacher Training

Inner Domain 200Hr Yoga Teacher Training

Designed for the serious yogi who would like to go deeper in their practice or for those who would like to share their love of yoga with others as a teacher.

The Inner Domain 200 Hour 5 Element Teacher Training may be experienced as a certification for Yoga teacher registration with Yoga Alliance, or as a separate and unique immersions for personal empowerment and transformation and continuing education credits.

Inner Domain teachers will learn to instruct fluid power vinyasa classes that flow from the heart and encourage students to be present with the Self, through breath, body and spirit awareness. Healing, integration and harmony is the result.

Training will be held one weekend per month at Serenity Circle Yoga from January through August. This small group environment offers personal attention and learning at the deepest levels.

Personal Investment $2500

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to Mar 31

March Moments that Matter!

March is coming!  A month of transition………………..of change

The earth will show its first signs of color.  We slowly awaken from our winter slumber, brushing off the cobwebs and adding just a little more movement into our day.  The birds arrive checking out the available housing market.  The sun rises earlier and sets later as we welcome the first day of spring!  A time of renewal.  A time to sweep away the old and step into the new…………..

The perfect month to begin a meditation practice or dive deeper into one already in place!   Whether you have never meditated or are a seasoned veteran, I invite you to my 4th Annual March Meditation!  A month of daily emails to spring clean the mind.  This year…….

March Moments Matter


What is it:           Daily meditation
Dates:                 Entire month of March
Frequency:         Every Single Day
Time:                   Minimum of 10 minutes of meditation anytime during the day (everyone has 10 minutes…everyone)
Where:                In your home – or wherever life takes you
How:                    Daily emails sent with guidance, inspiration and different meditation techniques, and you choose when to meditate
Who:                    All of us!  Creating our own community to share questions, ideas and discoveries
Investment:        $15 payable to Serenity Circle Yoga (and 10 minutes a day of your time)

Why meditate?  – reduces stress, lowers blood pressure, increases concentration, improves focus, builds empathy, improves sleep and calms the nervous system.   Have you said “I should learn to meditate”?    Here is your chance to do it virtually, with the support of a like-minded group.

And everyone can meditate!  No previous skills required.  Just a desire for change and I will guide you through the rest! 

Let me know if you want to join in!    Send me a note with your email and I will  put you on my Moments Matter email DL with a lot more info to follow! 

I look forward every day to my meditation,

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to Mar 31

March Manifestation!

Join me for “March Manifestation”!


March is an odd month.  Not exactly winter, but definitely not spring.  A little taste of everything….. snow, rain, clouds, sun, cold and warm.  We venture out some days but are then pushed back into retreat on others.  A transition. 

March is like a doorway.  The frozen tundra of February behind us, and the promise of the light of April ahead.  A month where we begin to plant the seeds for what we want to bloom as the sun rises higher in the sky. 

So what is it that you want to grow in your life?  Join me for “March Manifestation” and let’s take this journey of transformation together!


March Manifestation

Dates:                   Entire month of March
Cost:                      $15
Frequency:         Every Single Day
Time:                   Minimum of 15 minutes (everyone has 15 minutes…everyone)
Where:                In your home
How:                    Daily emails with meditation techniques, activities and manifestation tools
Who:                    Anyone!  Forming our own community to share questions, ideas and discoveries
End Vision:         Bringing what you desire toward you….creating your life

Often it can feel that life is happening to us.  This month is designed to shift us from merely observers to creators.  We will spend time seeing where we are, uncovering what it is that we want and then partnering with the Universe to move toward it.  No experience needed!

During this month of March I will help you design 15 minutes a day spent solely on the inner work required to create.  Create what?  ……whatever it is that you desire.

So take the leap and join in!   Why not!  All I need is an email and you will be put on my meditation email DL with a lot more info to follow!

It takes a month to make something a habit,

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