...do you hear that?

Let’s take a pause together…….Become very still.  Completely still. Even stiller. Now listen.  What do you hear?

Listen more.  A layer deeper.  What else is there? Expand wider.

I am sitting outside and while I wrote the above I heard the buzz of a bee, a neighbors voice, several birds, a fly, the sound of my typing.  Then I listened more and could hear the cars on the beltway, the rustle of leaves and someone walking.  Wind chimes, a car door and a plane.

I go deeper.  A ball bouncing, phoebe’s tags.  My breathing. 

I went to hear Dr Eric Pearl speak on Friday.  He founded what is now known worldwide as Reconnective Healing after suddenly receivingthe ability to heal others through the use of a connection with the Universal energy.  Most of his healings are instant and last a lifetime.  He began his talk by having us practice active listening.

We all hear a lot.  In fact almost too much as our society becomes louder.  But hearing and listening are two distinctly different processes.  We hear naturally and most times as the noise translates in our brain to a word, we aren’t even aware.  It is a receptive process.  With active listening you are engaged.  You are the doer.  Reaching out with not only your ears, but the whole body.  Once you find a sound you stay with it for a while to hear it’s levels, quality and how it changes over time.  All of this done with your eyes wide open.  It is a tuning in.

It is no different than the vast difference between looking and seeing.  We look in a mirror several times a day but how often do you actually ‘see’ yourself.  When is the last time you ‘saw’ a piece of broccoli or the color of your walls.  Look to your left right now.  What do you ‘see’?

So I have been practicing active listening as I garden this weekend.  What I am finding is by tuning in through one sense, the others also become heightened. The mind slows. Suddenly your surroundings become more alive.  More vibrant.  That is the frequency on which the Universe communicates.  That is where Dr Pearl discovered healing.

See the toad above?  As I leaned in to scoop out even more leaves from the garden he came leaping out.  Both days from different piles!  I sat with him for a while. Listening. 

No, I am no going to ‘hear’ the toad’s voice but in ‘seeing’ him and ‘listening’ we both relaxed.  I watched his throat move in and out.  He watched me continue to work and I had a chat with him while I held his photo shoot.  I thanked him and was sure to leave him an uncleared patch in which to hide. 

For me it has been the plants that have been my teacher for this process.  They are constantly sharing new information with me……but only when I actively engage with them.  Slowing down to move at their pace.  Listening, Feeling and Seeing.  Meeting them at their vibration.  They have a lot to say.

As humans we are loud.  Find the time to be quiet and listen to the world.  It has a lot to say.

Now what do you hear?