...I have a vision


I am right here.  Present, aware and grounded.  I feel…..and I want.  Earth and Water. 

Next stop on the journey…..fire.  Where we begin to create, by taking desires and transforming them into reality.  First step - seeing clearly what I want. Everything begins  with a vision. 

This weekend my youngest son graduated from college.  Young, educated and boundless.  Memories were pouring in of my own walk to the stage so many years ago.  All of the exams, papers and parties behind me as I stepped into this new undefined open space.  Everyone asking……..What’s next?   What type of job are you looking for?  What are you going to do with your life?   I, much like my son, really didn’t know.  Anything was possible but the “wants” weren’t clearly shaped.

But isn’t it evident what we want after spending tens of thousands of dollars on schooling?  A good paying job, right?  Success.  Putting the new found skills to the test.  Or maybe something as simple as finding any company that will take me?  Yes, all worthwhile and important but only if my life once I have created them is fulfilling.  Has meaning.

The keynote speaker for yesterday’s ceremony was the owner of an extremely successful deli/restaurant near the university that has become a must visit area attraction and has grown into a group of companies known not only for its mouthwatering Reuben sandwich, but also its philanthropy.  He spoke of that clear canvas in front of the graduates on which they can create whatever it is that they want, and asked what was on their list.  But then he also asked them if joy was on that list.  And if so, was it at the top.  Joy.  Quite a different vision than we had  heard in the preceding speeches.   

Whatever it is that we want can be manifested by first creating the vision.  Seeing it clearly as if it is already here and walking forward in life with that image always projected on our life screen.  This natural law of the Universe works not only for financial success, jobs, promotions and new cars, but equally well for something as inherently beautiful as a life filled with joy. 

Isn’t that what we are all searching for when we dig deep?  Aren’t many of the wants we have only a means to feeling the bliss of being happy?  As humans we easily forgot that true lasting joy is not something that can come for the outside.  But his words were a reminder.  The joy already in us can be called forth at any time.  So why not go for the gusto!  If joy is what we want let’s create that vision and walk toward it.  No longer waiting for it to come to us via material rewards or the recognition from others. 

Was joy on my list when I graduated?  Was it on yours?  As the speaker pointed out… joy is an incredible high, it is natural and legal.    A great reminder for me and my hope for my son was that he too was hearing that joy should lead him in this new phase of his life. 

I believe he may be headed in the right direction as he decided to remain in Michigan for a little while waiting tables.  He wants to soak in the warmth of the bustling summer life which the frigid school year only provides small glimpses of.  He wants to pause in joy.  The corporate world can wait a month or two…..

I “see” joy,