...a wish and a want


The more I get out of my head and into my body…..the more I feel.   The more I feel……the more I sense the stirrings of what I want. 

We all have wants.  We all wish for things.

I wish I could lose these last ten pounds……I wish I had more time for me……I wish I could sleep better at night…….I wish this hamstring injury would heal…….I wish I could do a handstand……I wish I could pursue my love of drawing…..I wish I could make a career out of my passion…..I wish…..

Wishes are like the dandelion seeds carried by the breeze when we blow.  Light and airy, and typically not grounded.  A little too fluffy.  When you wish for something, do you expect it to happen?  Is a wish followed by effort, or just a hopeful waiting? Do you even believe in your heart that what you are wishing for is possible? Do you even remember what you wished for? Feel the energy when you say “ I wish….” And fill in the blank.  There is no oomph.  No juice.  No ownership.

Now a true “want” on the other hand comes from deep within.  It isn’t fleeting and it doesn’t fade.  It is the soul’s desire to move forward.  Our spirit’s way of letting us know that we are capable of more. That we ARE more.  Wants are good!!   I WANT.  This type is not the least bit self-centered or egotistical and has deep roots.

So how can we differentiate between the two?   It’s quite simple. 

When we feel a want…a longing…a deep desire – we are willing to change for it.  To transform.  To create something new.  If not, it merely remains a wish.

I wish I didn’t have allergies (as I do nothing new, begin to believe I need allergy shots, and complain about them to anyone who will listen).  I want to be free of allergies so I can fully enjoy the spectacular beauty of spring with all of my senses (as I drink my stinging nettle and use my netti pot daily).

Neither is right or wrong….just notice.  Hold up the mirror.

So what is it that I want?  Sit quietly, close your eyes, slow the breath and soften the pelvic floor so you can awaken feeling.  What is it that I want?   Let it rise from below. Not a thought but an inner longing. 

…..and are you willing to change for it?   

I have a small metal block in my bathroom with the saying – “What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail.”   A perfect question to guide you on this portion of the path.

Next week we move up to fire. Our power of transformation. 

I know that I am even more,