....I am what I feel


For the last two weeks we let go to the downward pull of the earth’s energy.  Slowing down, grounding and reclaiming our natural state of inner peace.  Choosing calm.

What you find when you slow way down is that you notice more.  Awareness becomes keen and everything is clearer. What you want becomes more evident. You know what I found when I slowed down?   That….

I want to feel it all

Moon Goddess 2.png

Water.  That life giving force that transformed my back yard from a brown barren wasteland to a green oasis with just one good soaking rain. Moisturizing and loosening the earth so life could burst forth.  In us the water energy is our aliveness….our juiciness.  What makes us feel.   And…..

I want to feel it all

Our water energy.  Movement.  Moisture.  Malleable.

To me water is that wildness that often seems just out of reach in my corporate, suburban life.  Not the definition of wild that our culture has incorrectly sold us….the one of “Girls gone wild”, partying, that image of out of control, sloppy and taken advantage of.  No.  The wildness of being fully in my  body and experiencing everything that this humanness offers up.  Connected to the earth and its ways.  The sensations of rolling in the sand, running in the early morning rain, soaking in a tub with salts and rose petals and dancing alone naked in the candle light.  Being awakened by the hoot of the owl and feeling the pure rush of adrenaline when lightning strikes the earth below my feet .  The awe of a fresh rainbow or a pink sky at night.  Hugging another so tightly that our two hearts meld into one. 

Sensual.  Creative.  Flowing.

In a world that has become somewhat “uptight”, I want to be loose, flexible and open to receive.  Where academics are held in the highest regard so even the existence of recess is being threatened, I want to run with the wolves.  Does it even matter how much I know and what I learned if I can’t reach in to touch my deepest longings? I want to lean into the caress of the wind and hear its wisdom.  I am not my thoughts.   I am not what I know.   I am what I feel. 

Water.  Wet.  Wanting. Wonderful.


I can feel you,