March, March, March


March….March….March……what a tease you are.

I find March to be fascinating.  Frustrating.  Unpredictable.  Different every single year. 

Thursday we were in the 70s.  I took my walk to the river and passed people in short and t-shirts.  The birds were singing and the air had a giddiness to it.  Spring!  I feel you.  But as we laid in Savasana at the end of class that very evening, the sound of the rain and the wind blowing through the open windows signaled that a cold front was not far behind. 

Friday we were told to expect 50 degrees so I put on two cotton layers, believing I had left the real winter clothes behind.  I tried to pretend it was warm as  I huddled in my work chair.  But I was clenched and shivering.   Finally after lunch I gave in.   I marched upstairs and put my wool sweater back on.  Saturday I added back in the leggings under the jeans.  Not yet….


I have been talking about March as a transition and she revealed a few new insights this week. 

First, that during transitions we are much more aware.  In the winter when it is cold we just assume cold, dress accordingly and pay it little attention.  Once we are entrenched in summer the heat becomes an expected norm.  But in the transition from the two we are acutely aware of the weather each day…. And sometimes even hour to hour.   What should I wear?  Do I need to bring a hat?  Will I be outside or inside?  Stopping to feel the air each time we walk out the door.  Watching for buds on the trees every time we look up.  The same is true in life.  When we are in a time of change – be it in jobs, homes, lovers or even exercise routines – our senses are on high alert.  We tune in more.  There is no status quo and so we pay attention.  It is in this unsettled space that we experience the most growth. 

The second has to do with signs from the Universe.  The March Manifestation that I am leading is coming to a close this week.  Tomorrow we will be working on watching for signs from the Universe to guide us on our chosen path.    These signs are like glimpses.  A sudden unexpected thought.  Hearing from someone we were thinking about or coming across an article about a topic we just decided we wanted to study further.  These pointers from the Universe let us know that we are indeed heading the right way (or not) and provide us with the occasional touch point that what we are manifesting is indeed coming.  Just like March!

In March even in the bitter cold we know spring is coming.  Everyone keeps saying, “I don’t think spring will ever come.”  But do you ever truly doubt that spring will come?  We see the signs.  Daffodils beginning to rise up from the ground.  Days like Thursday – even though a day like Friday comes right behind it.  We hold a vision of spring and we get some quick glimpses behind the curtain to assure us that it is on the way.  And when the curtain is then drawn back over, we continue to move forward anyway without doubt.   It is fine.  We can sense spring’s imminent arrival even when the thermometer reads 28 degrees.  This is no different than watching for signs on our own personal journey. 

And finally….March allows us to take two steps forward in growth, but then take a big step back in retreat.  Straddling the worlds of earth and fire.  I am wanting to garden and I even buy the pansies, but now I think I will go back in and read my book.   Long walks one day followed by sleeping in late the next.   Salad….but then one more batch of cabbage soup.  March is not for leaping.  It is for stretching out the creaky bones from a long winter’s sleep and turning our face upward to find the warmth of the spring sun.   

Enjoying these dwindling days of not doing.

My winter hat is remaining on the coat rack,