....I'm safe

Dear yogis,

Did you play tag in your neighborhood when you were young?  Or maybe group hide and seek? 

I can still feel those warm summer evenings after dinner being out there until the sky darkened.  I remember hiding behind trees or under bushes until whoever was “it” would see me.  Then my heartbeat would quicken and I would run as fast as my little legs would carry me.  Weaving in and out so as not to get tagged.  The rush of being chased.  Out of breath, taking that final leap to reach my hand to the big oak tree.  Base.

“I’m safe!”

home base

No one could touch you if you were on base.  You were safe from being chased, tagged or being told you were “it”.  On base the heart rate slows, a big exhale is released and the muscles relax.  No longer anxious.  No need to look over your shoulder.  Home plate in baseball offers that same release. 

Base is equivalent to the energy of earth.   Relaxed, grounded and heavy.  Coming to a stop.  Home.  Able to let go and reconnect……..

This week in classes we started the chakra journey yet again.  Dropping back down to earth.  Muladhara chakra.  The beginning.   Located at the tailbone, the energy of gravity.  Downward pulling and our s..l…o..w..e..s…t  vibration.  It is our innate ability to relax………….

Stop for a moment and notice anywhere in your body that you are holding.  How is your jaw?  Your shoulders?  Belly?  Slow your breath.  Take a big conscious exhale and ask the body to soften.  To sink.  That wave of relaxation you feel is earth.   When we connect to it, we feel safe.  No looking over our shoulder. 

We each have our “base”.  That place we feel safe, relaxed and able to let our guard down.  What is it for you?   A special place in your home.  The garden.  Lying on the beach.  Your special chair.  A fuzzy blanket you wrap around you.   I have many, but when I feel unusually scattered or emotional, my bed is my cocoon.  I go up, close the door and lie face down sideways, across the bed.  Here I can sob, release a pent up anger or have a heart to heart with the Universe.  No longer being chased by life. 

We need earth energy….but it can often feel just out of our reach.  The ability to relax is a true gift.  But how do we tap in?   Not only when we have that special blanket around us, but when sitting in rush hour traffic late for an appointment?  How do we touch base anytime and anywhere that we choose…..

I will give you a hint.  Tune inward.  You will never find it by searching in your daily life. More next week……………

I am right here,