.....the turning tide


For those of us in the eastern part of the US we are in the shift.  Did you feel it?  Just like that we went from days on end of bitter cold and frozen ground to the hint of spring in the air.  You could feel it yesterday as soon as you walked out the door.  The brilliant sun blinding as it reflects off the snow.  Rubbing the sleep from the eyes as if awakening from a long slumber.

The animals of course felt it too.  Robins hopping across the lawn and the black squirrels scampering through my garden in search of seed. A new sense of lightness. Neighbors emerging from their homes to walk their dogs.   A defined shift in energy which told us clearly that although we may still get some, or even many, very cold days or some flakes falling from the sky….winter is now moving into the rear view mirror. 

The flow of the Universe.  The hum.  Did you feel it?

I am leading “March Manifestation” this month, a program of learning and playing with several of the natural laws of the Universe  that allow us to consciously create our reality (since we each create our lives we may as well do it consciously).  We are on day number 8, deep in the energy of water uncovering what we truly desire.  Not “wish for”, but WANT from an inner place of longing.   Wanting, when it is from within and not from the mind, is the soul’s desire to move forward.  To create.  To pull towards.  An ache.

So what do you want?  But here is the key question……what are you willing to change for? 

We each individually create our lives.  But on a much larger scale we do this as a population.  Even as a species.  In the media we are always seeing displays of what we collectively want, but are we willing to change for it?  Hunger is a perfect example.  There is enough food for all of us.  All of us.  The blockage is found in money, politics, distribution channels, crime, education and so on.   So we all say we “want” to end hunger……and have been saying that for a very, very long time.  But it won’t be, it won’t manifest, until we collectively want it from within.   Not a wish.  A longing.  When it is no longer even imaginable to us that one of our own is starving.  Then we will feel the shift.

I liken it to the current marijuana shift in the US.  I don’t read the paper or watch the news, so I get snippets from when I log in to mail, or talk to a friend, or overhear conversations in the store.  I felt it.  Strongly.  The shift in energy.  Not just because one state made it a standard commodity, but because whether you personally are for or against legalization, the tide has shifted.  The criminalization is quickly moving into the rear view mirror.  The government didn’t do this. “We” decided that it is ok to personally choose to partake or not and therefore created the change.  We crested the mountain and now it feels like the beginning tremors of an avalanche.  Gay rights and marriage have also turned their tide. 

So what do we each want for our own lives (because in order to help others, you yourself must be complete)…….and then what is the next house of cards we as human beings want to shake at its base?  What change do we long for, and more importantly are willing to change ourselves for.   Nothing changes on the inside without the shift on the inside.

The flow of the Universe.  The tide.  The hum.

Mmmmmmm….I can feel it,