......my new bff




I do.  All of it…….

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I didn’t always believe this.  No, I take that back.  It wasn’t about believing.  I didn’t even know such an idea existed!  I thought we all just lived our lives, enjoying the good parts, making the best of the bad parts, and somehow getting through the lows.  In some ways this made things easy.  I could complain about others and choose not to see my role in the world around me.  My focus was narrow and didn’t involve responsibility. 

These past 7 years my view has changed!  I now know that I CREATE MY REALITY.  I not only feel it or believe it….I do it.  Daily.  Certainly can’t say I am an expert at it by any stretch of the imagination.  More like a middle school student.  I understand the basic laws of the Universe that make it work, I can visualize the path, I have felt the results and I am excited by its potential.  But just like school, I have to go every day, practice what I learn and do my homework.  This is a path of study that I am motivated to follow through to the master’s program!  Maybe even a PhD in manifestation!

But this creative potential requires a partner.  The Universe.  Your co-creator.  You can’t do this alone.

One clear example of this is planting. Your vision is to turn that barren corner of the yard into a  small garden.  You place seeds under the bare earth and the Universe delivers the rain and shines its sun.  In almost no time at all living beings rise.  The new plants each with their own personality….the welcoming sunflower, the romantic rose, the calm lavender and the clingy burdock.  The squirrels and birds drawn in for food and shelter, their pecking and clawing aerating the soil.  You weed and trim, placing cuttings in a vase to bring some of the joy into your home .  The colors attracting the bees and butterflies who then spread this new life far and wide in their travels.  Together you all took nothing and created an oasis.  You and the Universe…hand in hand.

This relationship is no different from any other.  It is one of give and take, respect, humor, consistent and honest communication, and spending time together.  There are so many ways to deepen it…….here are just a few.

  • Pick a tree that is in your yard or on your daily walk.  One that you see often, but now “see” it.  Stop and give it your undivided attention.   Say hi.  Touch the bark.  Stand at its base and look up to its top.  Sit beneath it.  Take a picture of it.  Be friends with your tree. 
  • Sit by a river or creek and watch its flow.  Stand above to see your reflection.  Throw in some rocks and notice how it “receives” them.  No pushing back. Observe a leaf or stick floating on its surface and watch its path. Put your hand in.
  • Each morning as you wake up, look out the window.  Good morning Universe!
  • As you lie down to go to sleep, look back over your day and find the little golden nuggets that you weren’t expecting.  The call from a friend, a hug from your child, the laughter, the new song you heard on the radio.
  • When you walk outside, stop, close your eyes and feel the breeze on your skin. Lift your face to the sun and soak in its warmth.
  • Lie in the grass and watch the clouds sail by.
  • Always know what phase the moon is in and where it will be when you wake in the middle of the night. 
  • Talk to your plants and smell the flowers as you pass by

The Universe, like all of us, loves to be noticed and loved, and anything that you give will be returned, and then some.  Hang out together.  The closer you become the more you will be taught, the more you will laugh (the Universe has a fantastic sense of humor), and the more you can create.  And you no longer ever feel alone.  Imagine feeling that the Universe, with its infinite potential, is your best friend. 

Hhhmmmm……what should we create next?  The Universe is all ears.

Best friends forever,