brushing my teeth


Five months ago I am sitting in the dentist chair and the hygienist has just finished up.  There is that infamous pause and I know what comes next……all of the things I should be doing more of, less of or differently if I want to have a healthier mouth, and it sounds from the tone of voice – a longer and much happier life.

My boys and I always have a good laugh after our dental appointments as we share what we were each scolded about.  That is how it  has always felt to me.  Like a good old fashioned scolding.  And do I make any changes?  No.   I rationalize. 

“Their lives are all about the mouth and they want me to spend all day there.”   “I don’t have time.”  “I already do yoga, eat well, meditate, brush 3 times a day.  That is enough.”   

But for some reason this time was different.  I actually heard her.


I have always been a side to side brusher.  Perhaps 50 years ago that was the going tooth brushing style.  Side to side along the fronts, side to side along the tops, and then side to side along the inner edges.  However, for maybe the last 10 years (probably even longer but I have blocked it out), I have been told/scolded that I should be brushing from the gum line to the end of the tooth….a one direction vertical movement.   The side to side movement was weakening my gums and causing some receding. 

I don’t know if it was that her tone was gentler, or more likely that I was in a place to hear it, but I walked out with her words swirly through my consciousness.   I was going to give it a try.

A try?????  No!!!  I have done that in the past with pitiful results.  This time  I was choosing to do it.  A tremendous difference in the energy involved. 

The next day when I picked up my brush I paused, reset my thinking and started to draw lines away from my gums.  Outside of the teeth no problem!  I can do this.  Inside of the gums….not so easy.  My shoulder isn’t sure how to get in the proper position for that motion, and when I reach the back the gag reflexes begin to kick in.  Ugh.  This is not going to be easy.  It is also taking twice as long.  But I forge ahead.  Three times a day and probably 10 gags a day.  Catching myself when I unconsciously move back into habit.  No longer could I just squeeze out the paste and brush away.  This required effort and awareness.   Awakening mindfulness. 

Five months later I am starting to sense I have created a new habit.  A new groove in the record. 

Although this may appear small, it was yoga in action.  A transformation.  Open to receive, “hearing”, choosing, doing, continuing forward through the uncomfortable, and the whole time seeing clearly what it is that I want and knowing with unquestionable faith that it will manifest. 

How we eat, what we think, what causes us stress, how we react, what fills our day, sleep patterns…..all of these habits ready to shift when we make the choice.  We are limitless creators but must recognize and harness this inner power. 

When choosing to live as a yogi, this is how life is lived.  Observing those habits that no longer serve you and rewriting the script.  One moment at a time. 

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Wonder if my hygienist will notice,